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Where Every Purchase Supports Public Libraries!

Purchase your books here and 10% of the sales revenue will be donated to public libraries! Why? Because, like public libraries, we at AddLibra are committed to building a world in which everyone has an equitable chance to read, learn, work and pursue their dreams.
Public libraries are on the front lines of education, economic, digital, racial and social divides in our country, and investing in libraries is critical for the strength of our democracy and communities.
Help us support public libraries and change lives for the better with every book you purchase!

Why the AddLibra Bookstore gives 10% of sales revenue to support public libraries.

Booklovers know public libraries as places where readers discover new writers and new ideas. Where authors connect with readers. Where children discover the thrill of reading that brings a lifetime of joy.

But, the essential role of public libraries in our communities extends far beyond just the world of books! Public libraries are trusted social service providers, digital access hubs, safe gathering spaces, pillars of education, engines of economic development and champions for race and social equity.

Every time you buy a book from the AddLibra Bookstore, 10% of the sales revenue will go to help fund public libraries. This donation will be sent to the Urban Libraries Council, a research and innovations network of public libraries based in Washington D.C. ULC has spent 50 years enriching communities by strengthening and promoting the value of libraries as essential public assets. You can learn more about this organization by clicking the "Learn More" button below.

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The AddLibra Bookstore will work with ULC to continually grow our support of all public libraries in America.

In the United States, 62% of adults have a library card and public library systems have more visitors per year than every professional sporting event combined – by a factor of 10X. Yet, many people still don't realize just how important the public library is to the life of their community!

Public libraries are community anchors and economic drivers for our downtowns, inner cities, suburban and rural communities alike. They play an important role in providing free access to essential services like job training, software rental, social services, child and teen afterschool programs, entrepreneur support, meeting spaces and, of course, literacy materials and quiet reading rooms.

We created the AddLibra Bookstore as an easy, convenient way for you to support your local public library while purchasing books online. It is our hope that the AddLibra Bookstore can help booklovers everywhere give back to their communities and change lives for the better by supporting the vital mission of public libraries.

How does AddLibra Bookstore work with public libraries?
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  • Not at this time.
  • A linked list of every public library in America is available here.
  • If you need help, call 1 (855) 464-6898, email the AddLibra Bookstore customer service account at support@addlibra.com or click here.
  • The margins on book sales are not very robust after factoring in expenses for lost books, returns, fraud, customer service, fees to stay online, etc. The only way we can donate 10% of our revenue is to charge the full publishers’ price for the books.
  • No.
  • It is our plan to do so as soon as we can.
  • Plain brown box. Simple and inexpensive.
  • The AdLibra Online Bookstore should have around 15,000,000 titles available for purchase.
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